LNU Entrepreneurship MBA

£2,500.00 £2,300.00

LNU Entrepreneurship MBA is a career enabler, your opportunity to meet great people and smart individual to start your

entrepreneurship journey and solve global issues. You will gain in maturity and develop a visionary entrepreneurship approach

to thrive, move to new challenges as intra or entrepreneur in tough market conditions. You will learn how to bootstrap your

startup to the sky or reach C-level quickly and smoothly. This MBA will change your life, unlock in you the superhero. You will

uplift your startup to the stars. Our teachers are professional and successful entrepreneurs who have sound experience in

multiple sectors in the industry and services.

Day 1 : Innovation, Marketing & Strategy : Master the techniques to think creatively out of the box towards innovation. Learn strategy management, digital and direct marketing

Day 2 : Leadership & Management : Learn how to hire, manage, lead, coach, mentor yout team

Day 3 : Laws & Regulations : How to build an ethical work environment. Master business laws and contract management

Day 4 : Pitch & Business Plan How to pitch to investors and bankers and build an efficient business plan. Master accounting, finance and performance management

Day 5 : win prospects & customers Master prospecting techniques and get targeted appointments with prospects to develop your sales

Day 6 : company registration Register your start up at the Chamber of Commerce. Hire your Accountant.

Day 7 : Celebrate & network Celebrate your diploma. Build your network with your Alumni.

No assessment completion. The LNU Entrepreneurship MBA is tailored to your pitch, your needs and your startup project







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