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From laboratory study to archival research to investigations in the field, Jamaat Al Mouhandissine and London Nour University students engage in world-class research across graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral research disciplines to make outstanding contributions to their fields and advance science towards the stars.

Backed by variety of funding options, research students collaborate with renowned faculty researchers whose work has been featured in top journals and awarded prestigious grants. Whether you assist your professor or lead your own project, you’ll receive coaching, support, and the added value of their expertise.

Our students have submitted successfully patents that make difference in the community by improving life comfort for billions of humans.

More than three University buildings are used exclusively for scientific research. Their interconnected labs, datacenters and premises encourage scientists to cut across boundaries and collaborate in the chemical, biological, physical, engineering, management, marketing and law and computational sciences.

Our students navigate the research opportunities available here on campus, in Meknès and Kington areas, around the globe, and around the clock.

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« JAM has opened doors of opportunities. Loved the interactions with my peers and great coaching from my mentors.  »

— Anna Wong, , Entrepreneurship MBA

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